Who are Jack and Soorya?

Jack and Soorya are coaches that help strengthen relationships

Hi!  We’re Jack and Soorya: Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coaches with the world-renowned Hendricks Institute.

We’ve been together a long time. Along the way we’ve experienced many ups and downs. Once we agreed to recommit to our relationship, we embarked on a series of extensive studies. We learned to notice our reactivity and to create flow by shifting from speaking defensively to speaking from discovery. This resulted in our training to become relationship coaches and mentors.

Our passion lies in helping couples who are devoted to their families and careers, and now find themselves struggling and drifting apart in their relationship.

Together we offer coaching programs (in person and on Skype), workshops and retreats to couples who want to rejuvenate their relationships and thrive.  We also each conduct individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions.


Background and Qualifications


I received my Education and MBA degrees from McGill University, and ran several successful businesses.  I have a diverse background in business, teaching, spiritual studies and relationship work.

In addition to coaching couples with Soorya, I love coaching men, as I can understand and relate to the masculine psyche.  With consistency, humour and heart, I bring them a safe space to explore what it means to be a man in a conscious relationship.


I also received my BA and Education Degrees from McGill University.  I’ve taught both children and adults, and specialized in Parent Effectiveness Training.  Later, I completed Mind Clearing Training with Lawrence Noyes.

In addition to coaching couples with Jack,  I love to work with women.  I bring them my intuition, compassion and big-picture vision.  I support women to fully embrace who they are so that they can successfully navigate all their relationships.


We’ve both earned Doctorates in Meditation from the International Meditation Institute in the Himalayas, India.

Since our recommitment to our relationship in 2002, we’ve studied and trained with:

We believe in taking the time to listen and understand where you’re coming from.  We know what it’s like to want to revitalize our relationship and not know how.   And we’re willing to walk beside you, with you, as you transform your awareness and skills to become a couple that succeeds in living an inspired, creative and loving relationship.

If you would like to find out more about us in a “fun” kind of way, click here Featured Coaches Jack and Soorya Resels and discover how we were Featured Coaches on the Hendricks website.

Jack and Soorya Help Strengthen Relationships

What’s Important to Us …

  • We value playfulness, humour and friendship. We’ve been through the school of hard knocks, but we know life’s lessons can be received spaciously, with humour and heart.
  • We recognize the importance of taking consistent action. It is practice — commitment and recommitment — that creates mastery.  We offer practices that we use individually ourselves, as well as in our relationship together and with others.
  • We believe in shifting from stories about life to experiencing life directly through our own opening hearts.  When we make this shift, our bodies immediately feel it.
  • We value absolute honesty in acknowledging our own feelings, motivations and actions, and then in telling the truth about them fully.
  • We recognize that by combining vulnerability with integrity, we create a rich safety net of trust in which we can freely explore our needs and desires.
  • We see a practice of conscious commitment and recommitment as essential to lasting connection, trust, growth and harmony.  Because of this, we believe monogamous sexual commitment is the optimum fertile ground for conscious partnering.
  • We value the amazing healing power and rich support that comes with giving and receiving appreciation.
  • We recognize that the willingness to learn from every situation is key to providing a safe and stable space to cultivate our inner wisdom and peace.  This gives us access to our huge potential for creativity and co-creation — from transforming current problems into creative projects, all the way to manifesting what is important to us in our lives.
  • While we respect our clients’ differences and honour their uniqueness, we focus on the undeniable fact that everyone faces certain common core issues and common core values.  We believe these issues and values transcend gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, age, religion, status, time and space.